The Buildings

All buildings of Phase Two have a common design and layout. There will be a total of 7 new buildings. Each building has a mechanical room at the ends of the buildings. These rooms are to house the main water into the building, the controls for the sprinkler system, electric meters and internet connections.

The exterior and interior walls are 6” thick. Every wall is insulated, sound proof, 5/8 drywall and fire rated, including sprinklers. Safe and secure.

You can combine garages for larger spaces and remove the common interior wall between them, either front to back and/or side by side.

The Garages

There are two basic garage sizes: 24’ x 40′ or 30’ x 42’. All 30′ wide garages have exterior second floor balconies (dotted lines protruding from the exterior walls on the ends or sides of the building). These 30′ wide garages must have mezzanines/lofts. All other garages, mezzanines/lofts are optional.  All garages can be configured as you like.

Oh, the Possibilities…

These sample 5 single unit garages (below) all have mezzanines in different configurations. They all fit at least 4 cars,  more if using lifts. Notice the balconies for the corner garage and garage 3 and 4. Gather your ideas and start to configure your own unique space. Be fearless!












Drawings vs Actual

Sometimes it is difficult to “see” a drawing and the actual finished garage. The following is a layout of a garage and the actual garage.

30’ x 40’

Lift for extra car (allowing to park the daily driver inside) and still have room for 4 cars. Epoxy painted floors, workbench, tool cabinets, ½ bath, under stairs storage, decorated with pictures, memorabilia, personal achievements and awards.

Mezzanine 30’ x 15’

Glass railing, sewing station, couch and seating, flat panel TV, computer, kitchenette and bath.

Practical Issues

It is fun to dream. Keep it up. Now, some practical questions. How you display your cars may determine the size you need. Do you work on your cars? Do you need a lift to work or to stack your cars? Do you drive your cars? Do you want to pull-in and park or shift cars around? Are you going to entertain? How? What other hobbies do you have and want to display?


  • How many
  • What kind (size matters – list them)
  • Are they drivers
  • Need lift
  • Planning to add to your collection; if so, note a wish list of cars or a maximum number you will have


  • Direct pull-in/out access
  • Drive straight-in
  • Additional inside parking for drive car(s)


  • Work space needed – major and/or minor repairs
  • Work on cars yourself or hire-in mechanic
  • Own your own tools – or bring in mechanic
  • Lift needed
  • How much space needed for storage and work
  • Other storage needed

Once you have determined the size of your space, its time to take your passion to the nuts ‘n bolts. Lifestyle is where we make the garage, our special place, how we express, enjoy and share.


  • What’s your Dream Theme: manufacturer/model-, era-, lifestyle-, location-centric … or a combination
  • Other collectible/meaningful influences/passions to express in the space


  • Entertaining – size matters: what’s the maximum number of people to accommodate in the space (other than the club house)
  • Kitchen requirements – food storage/prep for personal needs only, catering a crowd, or both. How about a grill?
  • Entertainment – dining areas, audio/video requirements, bar, pool table, batting cages, golf simulators, etc
  • Practical matters – upstairs/downstairs bath, full or half, urinals
  • Extra/Extra – hot tub/spa, exercise room, outdoor veranda/balcony, recessed or subdued lighting, access to public spaces or quiet retreat

This is a short description of the possibilities to design and own your special place at Club Motor Estates. There is so much more than just a storage space for your cars. Club Motor Estates is a lifestyle.

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